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18 August 2020

best kitchen flooring ideas

What questions to ask when choosing your kitchen flooring?

You are looking for a new kitchen floor but you do not know the right questions to ask in order to choose the flooring that is best for your kitchen. Read this article to get the answers to those most important questions.

What is the best flooring for a kitchen?

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are the best type of kitchen flooring as they are long lasting and extremely durable. Their water resistant properties ensure that it is easy to clean up any spills, and they also will not be damaged by any leaks. They resist the wear and tear of busy family kitchens and still maintain their attractive surface once they are cleaned. Luxury vinyl can mimic the look of real wood and natural stone which gives you an authentic look without the hefty price tag.

Sheet vinyl can also be used for kitchen flooring. It is less expensive but is very durable and water resistant. Sheet vinyl can also mimic the look of real wood and natural stone in addition to other styles which gives you a fabulous floor for a fraction of the price. 

How to choose kitchen flooring?

First of all you should know what your budget is and what material you will choose: luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl or linoleum. Decide if you would like a wood effect or a tile effect. Co-ordinate the look of the flooring with the materials used in your work tops and units so that everything blends together. Match the colours so that they are either the same or compliment the rest of your kitchen.

How to choose kitchen flooring colour?

It is important that the colour of the floor compliments your work tops, your units and your décor so that everything blends in well. Choose materials that have the same finish, and try and match the colours so that they are all the same, or blend in with slightly lighter or darker shades.

how to choose colours for kitchen flooring

Which kitchen flooring is the most durable?

Luxury vinyl is more resilient than any other kitchen floor covering. It saves money on maintenance and replacement costs due to its robust durability.

What is the best waterproof flooring for a kitchen?

Like ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl plank or tile flooring is 100% water resistant. It means that it is the ideal flooring for spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms as any spills will not damage the floor. 

What is the best kitchen flooring for pets?

Luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl and linoleum floors are the best options for anyone with pets. They are very easy to maintain. If there are any leaks, they can be easily mopped up. They are resistant to moisture as well as scratches and dents. They are easy to clean and are reasonably priced. 

best kitchen flooring for pets

What kitchen floorings are low maintenance?

Sheet vinyl or linoleum are very low maintenance, easy care and very resilient flooring materials. They are ecologically friendly too.

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are easy to maintain and care for. There are lot of care packs that you can use. A damp cloth or a damp fibre mop are great for cleaning these surfaces.

low maintenance kitchen flooring ideas

What is the warmest and quietest kitchen flooring?

Luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl flooring are the warmest options for kitchen flooring as they are not cold to the touch like a tile or ceramics. They are also very quiet on the foot as sound is absorbed effectively.

What are the cheapest kitchen floor options? 

Sheet vinyl or linoleum are the least expensive options when sprucing up a kitchen floor. They are both stylish and affordable, and are great replacements to make a floor look fresher and brighter.

How much does a kitchen floor cost?

There is a huge range of flooring options and really depending on what you would like: Flooring can cost anything between £20 per square metre up to £200 per square metre depending on whether you are going for a sheet vinyl, or whether you are going for a genuine timber flooring system. 

For example, sheet vinyl can range from anything between £10 per square metre to £30 per square metre, excluding fitting costs. Luxury vinyl can range anything between £38 up to £120 plus per square metre, not counting fitting costs.

It is important to understand the products and what you are looking for and having a professional estimate provided to give the cost of whatever the product you may decide on. 

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